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The goods
are shipped
from Italy



April 8, 2016

China - New duty and tax rules on personal imports

China's Ministry of Finance has informed that from 8 April 2016, new rules on duties and taxes applicable to personal imports will come into effect. The current limit of CNY 1,000 (approx. €135) for personal imports will be raised to CNY 2,000 (€270) per import, and the annual limit for an individual will be CNY 20,000 (€ 2,700). The duty and tax application will depend on the type of import.

GOOD NEWS! Personal imports of cross-border e-commerce

Imports of goods purchased from overseas e-tailers, with a customs value (i.e. the sum of product, shipping and insurance cost) up to CNY 2,000 (€270), and where the accumulated transaction value has not surpassed the personal annual limit of CNY 20,000 (€2,700) will be:

  • Exempt from import duty
  • Subject to 70% of the applicable VAT rate
  • Subject to 70% of the applicable Consumption Tax rate

The current exemption of duty and tax if the sum of duty and tax is up to CNY 50 will no longer apply.

Imports which exceed a customs value of CNY 2,000 (€270) per transaction, or the annual limit of CNY 20,000 (€2,700) per individual, will be subject to all duties and taxes as general trade.

A list of products allowed to be imported via cross-border e-commerce is yet to be released by the Ministry of Finance.

Other personal imports

Goods sent to private individuals in China by private individuals abroad, and goods brought into China by travellers will be subject to different duty and tax rules. The current limit of CNY 1,000 (€135) per import will increase to CNY 2,000 (€270). The current duty rates applied to personal imports will change.

March 11, 2016

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Starting March 10, 2016, imports of merchandise up to USD 800 are allowed into the United States free from duties and taxes.

The Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015 raises the de minimis threshold for low value shipments. Section 901 amends the Trade Tariff Act of 1930 (19 U.S.C. § 1321(a)(2)(C)) to raise the limit on amount of exemption from USD 200 to USD 800. This amendment applies to merchandise imported or withdrawn from the warehouse for consumption on or after the 15th day after the date of enactment of the Act. The enactment date was February 24, 2016.

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ITALIAN LESSONS – PART 1 (8th of March)
March 8, 2016

MimosaMarch 8 is the International Women's Day, also celebrated in Italy. By the way, it was the Italian communist Theresa Mattei, who in March 1946 offered MIMOSA as an alternative to lilies of the valley and violets, that were common in France.
For reasons of economy. Bravo!


On the 8th of March I had an impromptu test for knowledge of the Italian language. Now I can go to the prefecture tomorrow and take the official test, without which it is impossible to obtain a permanent residence permit.

The plot:

The phone rings, which is indicated as an "international" number on the English version of our site. The girl is complaining in Italian that her parcel hasn’t been delivered. I ask the order number. She tells the tracking number instead. Okay, I’m writing it down. The last letters are AT, which means that the parcel has been sent from Austria. Our numbers end in IT. It is obvious that the parcel is not ours, and it would be appropriate to apologize and hang up the phone, but it’s a WOMAN calling, and today is the 8th of March.

I explain that we are in Italy, and also send parcels from Italy, and in fact we are not mail or courier service. But I’m trying to help – because I know everything!

Development of the plot:

In the course of a conversation I understand that on the 16th of February the girl's sister sent a parcel from Austria, which she has not received in Italy.

I’m interested, where she took our phone number from. She answers that the sender - her sister - gave her this reference number.

I ask, what the sister’s name is. She says, that it is written in Austrian (!) and she can’t say it out loud. It’s strange...

I ask, who is the recipient of the parcel. It would be better not to ask... After 5 minutes (we’re checking the spelling together!) I know that the recipient's name is Zelia Zia Linuta Abina Mohamed Ebahaa Dazaretina Astma. I'm smart enough not to insist on clarifying the sender's name - her sister’s. Who knows, maybe her sister doesn’t have such a short name. 

Simultaneously, I’m typing the tracking number provided by Zelia Zia Linuta Abina Mohamed (etc.) in the Italian Postal Service website (Link here) .

Result: there’s no tracking, the parcel is not registered.

Then I go to the secret site where you can find the numbers of all parcels that travel on planet Earth (this organization is banned in Europe), and learn that: 2016-02-22 16:39:00, Consignee address incomplete; Postcode 54; IT, undefined - that is "Dead Letter".

At the same time I learn that the weight of the good en route is 7 kg 360 g, and our phone number is indicated. Funny...

I explain to the poor girl that, according to my information, the sender made a mistake in the delivery address. She happily agrees and tells a story that she has already had such a case !!!

Lyrical digression:

I’m listening to the story that once Zelia Zia (etc.) ordered a perfume on the US site, and it traveled very-very long, and when it finally arrived, she had already left the address to which the package was ordered. After 30 days Zelia (etc.) sent her husband there, and he found a notification in the mailbox that the parcel with the perfume is available at the post office. But when Zelia Zia Linuta Abina Mohamed Ebahaa Dazaretina Astma’s husband came to the post office, it was too late - the perfume had gone back to America, as the shelf life at the postal warehouse is 30 days.

I can believe the girl, because I’ve been in a similar situation myself - in October 2015, I ordered a perfume for my daughter’s birthday on the US site, and it is still on the way. I think, by October 2016 it will be delivered, if I don’t change home, country and planet of residence by that time. 

Never ending story:

As I realize that I can’t help, I offer Zelia Zia (etc.) to communicate with Poste Italiane hotline by toll-free number 803160. There is an answering machine there, and after meticulous pointing on the voice menu buttons, the message that "Your call is very important to us, but all our operators are busy ", and then half an hour listening to the Italian classical music, you can, if you're lucky, hear the voice of a living man, who will say: "Your sending is not registered in Italy"- and will hang up.

But SIC! – the girl is calling you back in 2 minutes !!! Fantastic, but she made a mistake writing down the Italian post hotline phone number! Six digits. What a family...

Once again, I tell her the number, congratulations on March 8, ciao-ciao-ciao.

No more calls so far. Probably she’s listening to the Italian classical music.

I’m waiting…

June 12, 2015

...My grandma and grandpa – Carla and Roberto Braccialini – are Italians. Yet, I was born in China. I was nicknamed Monaco, and an old racing car of some Guy Moll became my mascot. I dreamt of getting to Italy to make acquaintance with the Guy, but when I came to the Apennines, they told me Moll had died in a crash in Pescara... Then – quite by chance – a racing driver, a native of Russia, ransomed me from an Italian hawker and brought me to his homeland with a view to making a good bargain there. Instead, I spent two years roaming dark and dreary warehouses of Moscow together with loaders and attendants before that racer’s daughter took me out and nestled me in her snug little flat in the Russian city of Voronezh. I used to think I would finish my days among the likes of mine – captives who had never had good luck.
Braccialini Tua MONACO B8365
And then a miracle! Some mad Englishman decided to rescue me from oblivion! Neither the adventure of inspection and customs examination nor the costly and risky travel would stop him… Now, I’m on my way to my dream – to original home of racing cars, one of which has been chosen my mascot. My new owner, who is he? Why did he buy me from those eccentric Russians? What will he do to me? Will he present me to his skittish girlfriend to attend her pub-crawls? Or, maybe, he will lock me up in his house as a relic and a memento of the distant day – April 2, 1934 when Guy Moll scored his win at Monaco Grand Prix?!
Braccialini Tua MONACO B8365
Just wait a little, and… I have a present for my new master (his name is Darren) – a souvenir magnet from Russian Sochi. They have built a Formula-1 racetrack in the city, but who cares? I’m going, going, going to England, and I shall never ever return to Russia.

My full name is Braccialini Tua Monaco B8365

EA386628249RU Delivery Russia - Great Britain


December 23th2014

Phrase “100% Made In Italy”,  that seems like an example of tautology, has an absolutely precise legal meaning.

100% Made in Italy logoOn the 20th November 2009 Italian Government enacted Law  № 166/2009, chapter 16 of which says, that the usage of the inscriptions "100% made in Italy", "100% Italia", "tutto italiano" and similar, in Italian or any other language, on the products, obliges producer to guarantee, that this product has been developed, designed, produced and packed up exclusively in the Italian territory. Also, Law № 166/2009 defines the responsibilities for violation of these requirements, in accordance with the article 517 of the Italian Criminal Code, stipulating confiscation of the counterfeit product and a penalty up to 250 000 euro.

November 05th, 2014

"Teach Me Tiger" is the song of American singer of Italian descent April Stevens. Recorded in 1959, the song caused a minor uproar for its sexual suggestiveness and consequently did not receive airplay on many radio stations. Stevens' recording of this song is often erroneously accredited to Marilyn Monroe. Recall that in the same period, another Italian girl, Carla Braccialini, founded her amazing brand, which has an incredible success. Today, 60 years after, Braccialini manufactures incredibly beautiful handbag Tiger... You never know, you never know ... But is not there the astral connection with the half-forgotten tune? Braccialini Tiger



October 08th, 2014

Gattinoni – Italian brand with a 70-year history.


In 1944, in the eternal city of Rome, Fernanda Gattinoni opened her first atelier...

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Fernanda Gattinoni
At that time she still doesn't know that she will
go down in the history of the world fashion,
as one of the founders of the Italian style.
TutITALIA REFERENCE: Who is Fernanda Gattinoni? learn>>


Интервью с Робертой БРЕЧЧА

       Valigeria La Rancia

         Roberta BRECCIA:
          "We work for Gucci, Trussardi,
         Fendi, Range Rover, Jaguar and other
         reputable companies. Recently made
         order to Ferrari and Lamborghini..."

          Video  >>>


Daniele Montini - Tra politica e affari

Daniele Montini
- il fondatore e proprietario
della fabbrica di articoli in pelle e al tempo
stesso assistente di politico Beppe Grillo,
il cui partito "MoVimento 5 Stelle", istituito
solo nel dicembre del 2012, ha preso un
terzo dei voti nelle ultime elezioni per il
Parlamento della Repubblica Italiana.

  Daniele MONTINI:
"Se parliamo delle prospettive economiche, molto onestamente nell'immediato non ci aspettiamo grossi miglioramenti.."

Le risposte a domande di progetto TuttITALIA - in un'intervista esclusiva a Daniele Montini.

Video  >>>

 In the near future, will be published interview with Mauro Rogani (Sem Vaccaro Accessori) and Giuliana Bernardoni  (Pelletteria Ni.Va)