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Alviero Martini 1a Classe logoAlviero Martini 1a CLASSE brand was created in 1990 by Italian designer Alviero Martini. This famous Italian’s credo is "Life is a journey!" . In 1987, during a trip to Moscow, Alviero had bought an old map. This map inspired the designer for the original idea, which brought the brand worldwide fame. Nowadays 1a CLASSE does not belong to Martini, he sold the business in 2006. Nevertheless, his name is enshrined in the full title of the brand. Many interesting facts are associated with the products of 1a CLASSE. For example, after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Americans avoided buying these bags, because the map of Afghanistan could be on them. The other time, some Arab moneybags offered financial support to the 1a CLASSE brand, but on the condition that Israel wouldn't be painted on the maps (the proposal was rejected). Anyway, the products of Alviero Martini Prima Classe (in Italian should be pronounced "Prima Klásse") are in steady demand among fashionistas around the globe. Maybe because Italy was drawn on them?!